How to Tell if a Partner is Cheating on You: Tips and Guidelines

One of the most painful things you can experience as part of a couple is being cheated on. This act is a disrespect to loyalty, to love, to your commitment to your partner. The fact that your partner is the one who is disloyal to you makes you question his or her sincerity in the first place. What could you have done? Could you have done something wrong? Could it probably be your partner who's experiencing some issues? Well, you may never really know until you confront that person. How do you do that?

First of all, you have to know that this person is cheating on you in the first place. Cheaters are very secretive especially when they're trying to hide their infidelity. If you haven't been cheated on in the past, you may not really notice the difference in behavior of your partner. You may simply just consider it as the "honeymoon stage" being over or something like that. Beware, because it may not be just that; it may be something you need to look deeper into. Is my partner cheating ?

How to tell if a partner is cheating on you? Here are some of the patterns you have to look out for:

When your partner slowly starts distancing himself from you, you can guarantee that something is definitely wrong. Of course, it may not immediately be cheating right away. There could be some other reason for such behavior that you need to find out about. Studies show, however, that a lot of the times, infidelity is definitely the reason for such behavior. Be sure to watch out because it's never fun to be cheated on. Here are more facts and info regarding infidelity, check out .

There are times when a cheating partner tends to pull the reverse psychology on you. If notice your partner beginning to get overly affectionate when you know he is really not like that, something bad could definitely be brewing. This act may be due to the guilt that he is feeling for constantly going behind your back and physically or emotionally cheating on you with another person.

If you notice your partner acting out of the ordinary then he is definitely hiding something. He may not necessarily be cheating but he is definitely keeping something from you. Still, it's best to know the reason why because if it is indeed cheating, then at least you can find a solution for it right away. You no longer have to be played for a fool anymore. Is my husband cheating?